Cursed Kingdom


Cyclops trouble

In the beginning the group met up and set off from the unfair city of Sensay to help those said to have cyclops troubles.


Your party is now approaching the Cyclops marking on your map, having walked the entire way through the barely patrolled wilds. Most of you are poorly equipped for this travel and would have benefited from mounts. What you do possess in quantity, though, is daring and a desire to become wealthy and famous. Thus your group comes to the aid of people with cyclops trouble to learn if this is indeed a place for adventures to seek their fortunes. You all hope, of course, to gain riches and make names for yourselves. What the outcome of this will be is uncertain, but your skill and daring, along with a good measure of luck, will be the main ingredients of what follows, be it for wealth or woe.

The small community near the cyclops cave appears to be a group of nomads in a completely unknown quantity. Carts and quick tents have filled in this part of a gradually sloping valley. What is there, who will be encountered, where to go? These are your first explorations and encounters as a group, so chance may dictate as much as intelligence does. Will outsiders be shunned? Are reports of the whole community engaging in evil practices true? Are the folk here bumpkins, easily duped? Does a curse lay upon those who dare to venture into the cyclops lair? All of these questions will soon be answered.

The dusty, rutted road is lined with closely-grown hedges of brambles and shrubs. Here and there it cuts through a copse or crosses a rivulet. To either hand forest and meadow have given way to field and orchard. A small herd of cows graze nearby, and a distant hill looks like it would be perfect to be dotted with the white of a flock of sheep. Up head is a group of carts pulled close with fabric covering between them to offer shade, and large tent made of animal hide securely staked. Some teepee like tents a little further in this area have thin plumes of blue smoke rising from them. This must be the area that needed help – cyclops lands at last? The adventure begins. . .



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