Looks like this game will be going to 5th ed Dungeons and Dragons and will be PBP

Cursed Kingdom

Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, with a flavor of horror.

“New Hope,” that is what they call the city of Sensay.

The exploration of cursed kingdom has halted. It has become tragically obvious that every other known city has been lost forever.

Calamity: All the known cities of the three warring kingdoms were suddenly immortalized in stone. It is common knowledge that you will join their fate if you try to enter those ruins. No one knows how or why the sudden catastrophe. Now Sensay is the last known city. People refusing to live there have been surviving like roaming nomads, living in camps, and only settling into small villages. No one wants to test fate by building another city large enough to be placed on a map.

History check (DC 10)

Origins: This kingdom was founded by an Order of Paladins driven by a holy light. Over the years the kingdom took hold, but the order slowly disappeared. The last of the Order went on a quest and was never seen again. Then the darkness came with days getting shorter and the dead roaming the night. The holy light is gone, and the last good people are nothing more than a candles light that is slowly burning out.

Cursed Kingdom

Cursed Kingdom

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