These games will start on time. If your running late, you will need to be inserted into the story, or jump in next week. (if I am running late, I will use a mobile Skype, so players are not left hanging in the dark.)

Character Creation As per the Pathfinder books, but anything 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons is acceptable (check out the conversion guide in pathfinder book)

We will use Maptools for in game chat and character actions. You can put other said stuff in Skype chat.

Simple Leveling. Everyone starts at level 1, you survive a session and you can level up. Two more sessions after that and level up again. You make it through five sessions and your level 4, and so on. The idea is to level every couple of sessions.

Death. Resurrection is free in town for all races or alignments. Only game penalty for ressurrection will be possible tainted effects (cold to the touch, eyes are now cloudy white, ect.)

Free Required Software

Skype: Voice (optional), sending me your character sheet, and out of game chat.
Maptools: Version will vary, currently B87

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