A golden skinned man painted with brown thin lined patterns. Eyes appearing deep and the color of a desert landscape, his hair thick dreaded and made of sand. Emere is a Genasi, a born elemental and sandsoul.

    When I was part of the chaotic sand ruling the desert I saw a great many things consumed and forgotten. There was a wizard once who caught my interest. He searched the desert for lost treasure and a city overtaken by sand. Years of perilous searching were ended when this wizard was cut down by bandits. I was disgusted by the dishonoring ambush. With his blood seeping my sand I called for a great storm. In that storm I took on a shape of my own, gave myself the name Emere, and took fifteen years of knowledge from the desert.

    A decade passed crossing the desert before finding civilization. I decided to learn the blade and follow the teachings of Tempus, the God of Battle. I would be fearless against those who would disgracefully slaughter the innocent, but the blade would not be my only weapon. When I was born I acquired a connection to the arcane, that mages blood was part of me. I found a proper mentor for the raw arcane tallent, a true follower of Correllon. He taught me to use arcane power to complement my sword fighting. After four years he said I had learned the basics and was now ready to explore the world.

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