Cursed Kingdom

The game is going to be played on myth weavers and maps when needed will be updated on roll 20.

Old game info below

4th edition Dungeons and Dragons Pathfinder, with a flavor of horror.

Games are played online utilizing Maptools and Skype.

I suggest the following stuff if your still using 4th ed. 4E Rumble’s “Slim” Framework (Maptool B87) Check it out.Free offline Character Builder (((Click Here)))
Get up to date.(UpdatesSet_1)(UpdatesSet_2)These updates will get you up to date with the release of the players handbook 3, and you can use CBloader to get the rest of the updates for the 4th ed series (see CB help below). The offline Character Builder works for Win XP & 7, but you might have to hard patch XP for CBloader to work.
CB Help

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