Character Creation

There are too many class/race options to list, so just ask.

Roll best 3 of 4d6 and record the scores in order. Pick one score and re-roll it taking the higher of the two rolls. If the total bonuses at this point are 0 or less or there is no score higher than 13 then you may start over. Finally, switch the position of two scores (and only two) as desired. Standard roll for starting gold, and roll one random beneficial magical heirloom (1d6, 1d100, 1d100, possibly one more d100, and I will tell you what your item is (non-beneficial items will be rerolled)). (you can use the dice roller in Skype, just tell me to start it.)

Everyone gets 2 traits, any regional trait is fine. I suggest you check out the pathfinder resource page Pathfinder_OGC.

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Character Creation

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