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Offline Character Builder

1. Unzip CB file. (should contain a folder called character builder and a zip file called CB Loader that you will need later.)
2. Install Character builder with the set up file (ddisetup2009April.exe) in the character builder folder.
3. Use the offline updates in order from oldest to newest. (make sure you send the updates to the installed character builder folder found under program files in the wizard of the coast folder.) Oct 2010 was the last update for the offline character builder. You are now up to date with CB before it went solely online, but no worries you can get the new updated stuff too. Someone smarter then me has been keeping people up to date.

or just download the last file I got for Wizards everything as of 8/8/11 Click Here
11/14/2011 rar file

CB Loader

CBLoaderV1.3.0Click Here

!!!! I recently had troubles with cbloader trying to put in on a new computer, so here is an updated set of my Custom folder Click Here and just unzip the whole folder to replace existing custom folder
I removed some parts and now I got it working.

1. Unzip CB loader file to your installed character builder folder (usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\Wizards of the Coast\Character Builder or C:\Program Files\Wizards of the Coast\Character Builder).
2. You now have a folder in your character builder folder called custom.
3. Unzip Wizard Everything file from the forum link above to be up to date with the online character builder.
4. Run CB loader from its location in the character builder installed folder. (This takes a few minutes the first time you run it, but goes much faster after the initial running)
5. Now make a shortcut to CB loader on your desktop(you will need to run CB loader for character builder to have all the updates, running character builder without CB Loader will only get you everything up to Oct 2010.)

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